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Sunday Extra | Ed Allen

Sunday Extra: The Sure Thing

How to be faithful to God's Word.

Ed Allen uses the life of King Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20 to show us how to be faithful to God’s Word. The king had just received healing from an illness with a miraculous sign. The sun’s shadow moved backward. The Babylonians came to Hezekiah to build an alliance because they had heard about the miracle. The prideful king gave them a tour of his entire estate, including all his treasures. When the prophet Isaiah came and learned what these Babylonians had seen, he had a word from the Lord for the King.  While Hezekiah had a lapse of judgment to show his treasure to the Babylonians, the king trusted the Lord, and as the Scriptures tell us, he was unlike anyone before or after him.

Caroline and I attended Gateway Community Church when we lived in Northern Virginia. We still have many close friends at the church, including Ed and Diane Allen. Several years ago, I was honored to help the leaders at Gateway through a visioning process. It is encouraging that even in the middle of a pandemic, they are thriving. As you listen to Ed’s sermon, you will learn an important principle that God the Father and His Son are the heroes of this story–not King Hezekiah. You will be reminded of the certainty of God’s Word to direct the large and small decisions of your life.


Bishop Claude Alexander is senior pastor for The Park Church in Charlotte, N.C. and serves on the governing boards of Christianity Today, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Wycliffe Bible Translators, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and Mission America Coalition.  He is past president of the Hampton University Ministers Conference, the oldest and largest interdenominational gathering of African American clergy in the United States.

Bishop Alexander has served as senior pastor for The Park Church for 29 years.  Under his leadership, The Park Church has grown from one local congregation of 600 members to a global ministry of thousands with three locations and weekly international reach.  Leighton and Claude are members of the Leadership Breakfast Group in Charlotte and have served together on several boards.

We are blessed and honored to have such outstanding Christian leaders as Bishop Alexander on our Strategic Advisory Board.

Kevin Ford
Chief Catalyst
Leighton Ford Ministries

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