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Local church pastors, missionaries and church planters. Internationally-known ministry leaders, authors, and scholars. We work with pastors … We have a passion. Our passion is to provide safe times, safe places, and safe friends to help them grow spiritually, listen attentively to the Spirit, and be fruitful over the long-haul.

For more than thirty years, Leighton Ford Ministries has launched, nurtured, and supported dozens of mentoring communities supporting hundreds of ministry leaders in the United States and globally. Several of our mentees have become leaders of second and third-generation mentoring communities, or used what they’ve learned and experienced to launch mentoring initiatives within their own ministries.

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Is this Career Coaching?

Leighton Ford Ministries uses mentoring communities to help pastors and ministry leaders pay attention to what God is doing in their lives and to respond. It is not “directing” or “career coaching” or “imposing an agenda.” Rather, it is friends who listen deeply and support each other in discovering God’s agenda.

The success of our mentoring communities is built upon relationships … several pastors and ministry leaders journeying together with an experienced mentor long-term. Our communities are organic, not programmatic.

“What should I expect?

The typical LFM mentoring community will withdraw together for an annual retreat of several days, plus connect for regular updates via Zoom or over lunch.  Where there is no “one size fits all pattern,” at the core there is always deep prayer and authentic paying attention to each individual.”

Who is eligible?

LFM mentoring communities are by invitation only, but we would be honored to prayerfully explore the possibilities with you … either as a mentor leader or mentee.

Our current mentoring communities are made up of local church pastors, missionaries, parachurch leaders, authors, Christian scholars, former inmates now serving in prison ministry, and many more unique expressions of ministry leadership. LFM has mentoring communities active in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

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