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About Dr. Jim Osterhaus (Issues: Leadership, Marriage and Family)

Dr. Jim Osterhaus is the Senior Executive Coach at Leighton Ford Ministries with extensive experience helping ministry leaders and organizations move through change, conflict, and reorganization.  He is co-author of Thriving Through Ministry Conflict (Zondervan, 2010) which deals with the ministry discord that so often derails people. Jim has diverse and nationally-recognized experience, from facilitating the Organizational Culture Component of the U.S. Army Staff Redesign, to teaching seminars at major universities and seminaries, to directing the counseling centers for two churches, to being interviewed by Sam Donaldson of ABC News. In addition to his coaching role, Jim has teamed with Leighton Ford to conduct leadership mentoring retreats in the United States and Canada.

Posts by Dr. Jim Osterhaus (Issues: Leadership, Marriage and Family):


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