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Sunday Extra

Sunday Extra: Leighton’s Vancouver Crusade

O Lamb of God, I come! On the warm night of Aug. 30, 1965, in Denver, Colorado, this 13-year-old kid heard these words in the song “Just as I Am” and walked forward and asked Christ into my heart. Today, you are going to get a real treat by hearing thousands of people at the Vancouver Crusade singing the song that has drawn millions like me to take the walk of their life, plus Leighton sharing some thoughts about that event. You will also get a glimpse of his sermon from the Japan Crusade, then finally, Leighton will close with a special message to each of us. Special note, we are all excited about celebrating Leighton’s 90 birthday on Oct. 22; as a part of that, on Oct. 24, we will be sending out a link for a live stream of Leighton at Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC.

Meet Our Team: Hal Northrop (Board of Directors)

Hal Northrop serves on our board and is the former CEO, Callaway Gardens.

Hal Northrop served as President and CEO of the Callaway Gardens Resort from 1972 to 1992, where Leighton Ford Ministries hosted retreats. Under his leadership, Callaway Gardens opened North America’s first butterfly house, and the present Callaway Cottages and Conference Center was constructed. As a Christian business leader, Hal has served as Chairman of the Board of SunTrust Banks, Chairman of the Georgia Business and Industry Association. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he has served on the Leighton Ford Ministries Board of Directors since 1998.

View this Tribute Video by Leighton about Hal


Hal Northrop Tribute Video from Leighton Ford Ministries on Vimeo.

Yours and His,

Rich Hurst

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