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From Vision to Reality


There are many excellent Christian stewardship/capital campaign consultants, so why work with Leighton Ford Ministries?

We only work with ministries with whom we have already built a relationship through visioning, strategic planning, or governance work. When Leighton Ford Ministries partners with a church on a capital campaign, we are building upon our prior teamwork, providing consistency and a depth of understanding to turn your fresh vision into reality.


Like all of Leighton Ford Ministries’ work with churches, our capital campaign process is not a one-size-fits-all consultation. Our work is built upon relationships and a commitment to partnering with you on the journey. Leighton Ford Ministries custom-designs every campaign based on the needs, vision, and capabilities of the church.

Three-phase process


• Goals and feasibility study
• Gift profile development
• Staff and leadership recruitment
• Communications development


• Leadership training
• Volunteer recruitment
• Prayer, Teams, and Event planning
• Communications finalized


• Prayer, Commitment, and Celebration events
• Coaching and sermon prep for a senior pastor
• Marketing
• Follow Up

Ready to explore the next step?

Your church has developed a vision for a fresh season of ministry. Your governance structure has been clarified.
Now it’s time to implement.


If your church has previously worked with Leighton Ford Ministries, contact us to explore leveraging our existing
relationship to launch a capital campaign.

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