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Sunday Extra | Pastor Aaron Stewart

Sunday Extra: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Pastor Aaron Stewart uses Revelation 22 to talk about when heaven and earth is restored.

Today Pastor Aaron Stewart from University Place, WA uses a new word “De-creation” to talk about the brokenness of our world. He uses the final chapter n the Bible to show how God will ignite a recreation or fulfillment to restore heaven and earth. He emphasizes three vivid images: the “Water of Life,” the healing leaves of the “Tree of Life” and the “Throne” where Jesus is sitting.

Several years ago, Kevin Ford worked with this congregation to help them shape a change of vision and direction. It is exciting to see how they have grown and are thriving.

As you listen to Pastor Aaron, you will get a new understanding of God’s plan for creation!


Dr. Anne M. Huffman is a practicing Psychoanalyst, Marriage and Family Therapist, Trustee of Fuller Theological Seminary, and active volunteer at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California. There her husband served as pastor for more than thirty years.  Anne experienced deep pain over the death of their oldest daughter, which, coupled with the emotional and spiritual understandings of the grief process, has become a vital dimension of her volunteer speaking and professional work.  She has also served as editorial advisor for Partnership Magazine and as Chaplain at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach.

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