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What is the TCI?

Transforming Church Insight (TCI)

The Transforming Church Insight (TCI) is a congregation engagement survey tool developed to assess a congregation on five primary dimensions, compared to our national database. At a broad level, the 135 survey questions measure:

Five Primary Dimensions


A church should be a place where people feel like they belong and they matter. This dimension explores how people feel about the church’s relational connections, friendliness, and hospitality.


Code gets at a church’s sense of identity. Does the church have a clear vision for the future? Is the church clear about who we are? Do our worship services and discipleship ministries align with our identity?


This is the leadership dimension. This explores how people feel about leadership, change management, and financial stewardship.


At the end of the day, a church that is not making a difference becomes irrelevant. This dimension looks at the impact the church is having on her people – children, youth, and adults – as well as in the local community.


The average American church dies after one generation. Churches that aren’t able to remain relevant become obsolete. This dimension explores the church’s capacity for change.

As of the most recent update, the TCI has 11 million records, representing churches from virtually every major denomination, as well as a cross-section of non-denominational churches, resulting in a robust database. This provides us with a longitudinal view of what makes for a great church. Churches have ranged in size from fewer than 50 to over 15,000.

Our national database enables a comparison of how your congregation responded with how other congregations felt about their church. However, we recognize that every church is different. Accordingly, the comparative findings of this survey, and its graphic representations, are mostly designed to encourage conversation and interaction within your leadership around the various facets to which they responded.

How Much?

The TCI is $1,000 regardless of your church’s size. This covers the cost of online set-up, administration, and tabulation of final reports. This also includes a 1 hour telephonic debrief during weekday business hours. Customization is available for an extra fee.  Click here to request information.

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