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Sunday Extra | Jenny Warner

Sunday Extra – September 11th, 2022

The Value of Friendship

Leighton often says that being “friends on the journey” is a big part of LFM’s mission. It is so vital to be and have friends as we follow Christ.  In today’s sermon, Jenny Warner of Portola Valley, CA, reminds us of the power of friendships. Walking through Colossians 4, she explains the amazing gift of enjoying close companions.  This reminds me of something that I read recently by David Brooks.  He writes that people in the 1960s averaged five close friends. Today that number has dropped to only two close friends. Let’s ponder how we can expand our circle of friends for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Partners in St. Louis

We currently partner with a church founded by German immigrants in 1844 in the St. Louis area. Their young pastor, Maxx Fisher, assumed the role – his first pastorate – as the pandemic began.

Maxx recently shared, “The process that Rich led us through brought me and my church through a season of difficult times and shown us grace.

Rich Hurst and Leighton Ford Ministries have gone above and beyond expectations in meeting with me as a young and learning pastor – as well as a struggling and transitioning congregation. Through the entire process, we have felt personally loved by them. They care about us as people and fellow Christians.

The process for me has meant both challenges and encouragement. I have been challenged in seeing my own blind spots and barriers to doing what I want to do most, love and serve my Church family. It has been an encouragement in that Rich has helped me find direction and structure in a chaotic and uncertain situation. He has categorized steps, needs, and means of resolutions in a manner that helps me serve and lead the flock in a more faithful, Christlike manner.

The process has served my Church by giving them a much-needed starting point and foundation. Rich has re-inspired several of our leaders by reminding us that foundations of a functioning church are indeed in God’s Word. Clarifying direction in consistent and concise ways has begun to free up our leadership to take more responsibility and initiative. Reorganizing and directing us to a ‘true north’ have given several of our leaders hope for the future mission of this Church.

We are spiritually more fit for the mission of the Kingdom, thanks to Leighton Ford Ministries and our brother Rich.” Today, let’s pray and thank God for Maxx and his church in St. Louis.

Pictured Above is Maxx Fisher

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