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Sunday Extra | Ken Shigematsu

Sunday Extra – September 18th, 2022

Remembering Our Purpose

Remembering Our PurposeOne of the constant needs for any church or organization is remembering our vision and purpose. Drifting from our focus comes so easily. To that end Ken Shigematsu of Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC, is working through a short series on their vision. Ken is quite familiar to the LFM family, mentored through the years by Leighton. He has also led one of our mentoring groups for years. Few preachers today absorb more of the Leighton Ford Ministries’ DNA than Ken. His sermon orbits around a passage from I Samuel about doing ministry with the mind and heart of God.

Like Samuel

This week Ken asks us to pray that like Samuel, as a church they would do what is in God’s heart and mind (I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind. 1 Samuel 2:35). Also, please pray that God would guide the right staff members to Tenth Church.

Please also join us in praying for the family of Alison Druckemiller, who provides wonderful support to our Mentoring American Pastors initiative. Her husband Joe was recently diagnosed with ALS and dementia. They are starting hospice care but we ask that you pray for miraculous healing. With God, nothing is impossible! Also pray for Alison and their eighteen-year-old daughter Anna as they navigate this difficult journey.

Let’s also remember to pray for the Commonwealth as they mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Leighton reflected on her passing this week in his jottings, “The Queen and Her Lord.” You can view the entire piece here.

“This past week Jeanie and I have been absorbed with the passing of Queen Elizabeth, which has stirred the outpouring of grief and gratitude by multitudes in Britain and around the world. Her death at 96, after her 70 years of reign, and her life of dignity and faith have touched us so deeply.

As Canadian born I recognized her as ‘my Queen.’ She was not only the Queen of England, and the United Kingdom, but also of the Commonwealth countries around the world. She was a devout follower of Jesus Christ, as she made clear so often in word and service.

What a testimony it was that she recognized that while she was queen of her commonwealth, she bowed before the Lord Jesus Christ who wears ‘crown after crown’ as Lord of all lands and creation.

Jeanie was very moved to hear that at the private family service in Westminster Hall they sang her favorite hymn: ‘Jesus, the very thought of Thee, with sweetness fills my breast’ with those concluding words, ‘and sweeter far his face to see, and in his presence rest.’

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