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Sunday Extra – September 10th, 2023

Listening Attentively

For many congregations, this Sunday kicks off a new school and church year.  Summer is over and it’s time to be back in a regular rhythm. As we think about settling back into some normalcy, today on Sunday Extra we want to return and listen to our founder, Leighton Ford. In this video, Chip Edens interviews Leighton in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ask the Lord to give you ears to hear as Leighton talks about The Attentive Life, his book calling us to pay attention to God in our daily lives.

Praying in Preparation for Seoul 2024

The Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, also known as the Seoul 2024 Congress, is taking place in Seoul, South Korea September 22-28, 2024. The purpose of this significant gathering, as well as the multi-year and multi-faceted Lausanne 4 (L4) journey leading up to and beyond the gathering, is to accelerate collaborative action toward fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission.

David Bennett, Global Associate Director for the Lausanne Movement, writes, “There are many who have not yet heard the good news and lack Christian witnesses. There are people groups and places that have no disciple-making churches.”

In preparation for Seoul 2024, the Lausanne Movement is hosting global listening calls, engaging in listening through global and regional gatherings, and holding focused groups all over the globe. Let’s pray this week for the Holy Spirit to guide the people leading and preparing for this important gathering one year from now.

For more information, check out Bennett’s Why Seoul 2024? in the recent monthly highlight of the Lausanne Movement. Leighton Ford is the honorary lifetime chairperson of the Lausanne Movement. And LFM’s Mark Slaughter will be representing us next year in Seoul.

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