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Sunday Extra | Aaron Neff

Sunday Extra – November 12th, 2023

Stewardship of Life

Aaron Neff is our guest today on Sunday Extra.  He pastors a church in New York state that is currently involved in a visioning process with Kevin Ford.  And, Aaron also participates in a discipleship initiative with Jim Singleton.  Preaching through a stewardship series, today he shares about the stewardship of our life in this world.  As you listen, ponder what God might be saying to you.

Lausanne at 50

This year marks the 50th anniversary of The LausanneCovenant, which led to a movement. Years ago, Billy Graham witnessed the disconnection of many Christian leaders around the world. He convened the original Lausanne Congress in response to the social, political, and religious upheaval happening around the world. He desired to bring them together, thus beginning a movement of connections marked by a spirit of humility, friendship, prayer, study, partnership, and hope, which Graham called “the spirit of Lausanne.”

Leighton Ford became deeply involved in the LausanneMovement, eventually being named its Honorary Lifetime Chair.

Trevin Wax shares in his article, “TheLausanne Covenant at 50: 10 Enduring Quotes,” that “this is one of the most significant documents in modern church history, serving as a rallying cry and commitment for evangelicals around the world.”

As the many people involved in preparing for next year’sLausanne gathering pray, meet, and discuss ideas, let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to be their guide, leading them in ways that glorify the Lord and bring forth effective evangelism and disciple-making across the world. You can view more at the Monthly Highlights of the Lausanne Movement.

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