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Sunday Extra | J John

Sunday Extra – June 9th, 2024

Revealing Jesus to Others

Good morning, Sunday Extra friends. Today, J John, an evangelist from England, preaches a message at Time Square Church in New York City.  J continues to participate in the Point Group, the first mentoring group that Leighton Ford started years ago, and the Englishman’s influence continues to reach around the world. Hear his message from John 11 about the raising of Lazarus from the dead. And learn how the truths of that account touch God’s people today, and how we can reveal Jesus to others.

Summer Opportunities

During the summer months, LFM will be partnering with Carmel Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Three people with deep ties to LFM will speak there on several Sundays. Will you pray for them, that God will be glorified, and He will strengthen them to share His Word resulting in godly fruit? If you are near the Charlotte area during one of these dates, why not plan on participating?

06/23 Jim Kallam, on LFM’s Strategic Advisory Board and one of our mentors

07/21 Nick Hurst, an evangelist and LFM’s Social Media Director

07/28 Mark Slaughter, an evangelist and LFM’s International Director of Mentoring

Carmel’s worship services begin at 10:30am on Sunday mornings. Thank you for your prayers and friendship!

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