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Sunday Extra | Corey Widmer

Sunday Extra: Invitation to the Good Life

Corey Widmer uses John 10:10, where Jesus says he came to give us abundant life to invite us to the good life with Jesus.

Pastor Corey Widmer begins with an unusual personal encounter on his way to church early one morning. With our life starting to open up after the pandemic, he asks, “Do we really want to return to that old life which was hurried and, for some people, depressing?” Instead, he encourages us to live a different, intentional life with Jesus.

Corey is the lead pastor at Third Church in Richmond, Virginia, and is my co-mentor with a group of pastors. Also, Leighton Ford Ministries has had the honor to do leadership coaching and governance work with Third Church. As you listen to this message, you will be captivated by the good life with Jesus.


Last weekend, Leighton Ford Ministries held a training session for a cohort of Latino pastors in Miami, Florida. Please be praying for:

–These pastors to retain and use the teaching from these sessions in their respective churches.
–That the Good News of the Gospel will encourage and grow each participant.
–That new and renewed relationships with other pastors would be fostered and enhanced from these training sessions.

We rejoice in this mentoring and training ministry among these churches.

Dr. Jim Singleton
Executive Director of Missional Leadership
Leighton Ford Ministries

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