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Sunday Extra

Sunday Extra – February 18th, 2024

Shining Light on Our Lives

Good morning. We have started a new partnership with a church in Thomasville, Georgia, to help them strategically discern their future.  Kevin Ford will be guiding the leadership of that congregation through a new visioning process. This is one of the key ways we partner with churches. You can see the process by clicking here.

Their pastor, Tim Filston, is teaching on temptation from the story of King David – and his friend, Nathan, the prophet.  Listen as Tim helps us see how God uses ancient stories to shine a light on how we process temptations in our lives.

A Global Mission

LFM staff members Mark Slaughter and Rhett Wilson will be participating in a mentoring gathering experience this week in Arizona with several other evangelical ministries. And this weekend, Kevin Ford is leading a discovery process for the church that Tim Filston pastors. Thank you for praying for them.

For decades, Leighton Ford and Leighton Ford Ministries have been deeply connected with the Lausanne Movement. The movement’s unique calling remains to accelerate global mission by connecting influencers and ideas. You can read about the profound impact of the Lausanne Movement in 2023, captured in their recently released Impact Report.

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