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Sunday Extra | Dave McKechnie

Sunday Extra – 08/20/2023

Growing in Gratitude

Good morning, Sunday Extra family! Today, we get to hear from LFM’s Dave McKechnie, who served for 25 years as Senior Pastor of a church in Houston that was one of the largest congregations in his denomination. Under his leadership, Houston Christian High School grew from a dream into a 50-acre educational institution serving 550 students, and the Houston campus of Fuller Theological Seminary was launched. Dave has also served as Interim Pastor at several key churches nationwide. He served as President of the Texas Theological Foundation and has a passion for educating and mentoring young pastors. Dave has lived a life of gratitude, and today he will inspire us to do the same.

Praying for Gospel Work

Recent wildfires in Maui left thousands of people displaced and in urgent need of help and supplies. World Vision, a global Christian humanitarian organization, is positioned and equipped to respond to disasters across the United States, including in areas like Maui. With their decades of experience in emergency response, they partner with local organizations to provide immediate relief to affected children and families — especially through essential supplies. Leighton Ford served on World Vision’s US Board for about 25 years.  And Kevin Ford consulted with Hope Chapel on Maui about 15 years ago. Please consider offering a gift financially to help people in crisis. Click here to give to World Vision’s Maui relief. And let’s pray for those affected by these wildfires – and people on the ground providing relief and comfort to them. Please also pray for LFM staff members Mark Slaughter and Rhett Wilson as they attend the Lilly Endowment Annual Gathering. Through this Lilly grant, we work with mentoring American pastors. Also, Rich Hurst will be speaking over the coming weekend in Chicago at a church. We’re thankful for opportunities to join with others in the work of the Gospel.

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