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Sunday Extra

Sunday Extra: The Most Important Thing

Something New

We are excited about the next four weeks, starting with this Sunday Extra. As we get ready to celebrate a milestone event in Leighton’s life– his 90th birthday– we wanted to step back and listen to his story in his words and remember key events in his life. We begin with New City Church in Charlotte, as their pastor, Chris Payne, interviews Leighton about his life.

Martin Luther King Jr.

This creative conversation focuses on ”What Matters Most” in Leighton’s life, and yours and mine as well. We look at Isaiah 43:18-19 and the key phase, “See, I am doing a new thing.” There are moments in everyone’s life when God begins a new thing in us. Today’s message will bring a smile to your face and a reflection to your life as you hear Leighton talk about his family, his relationship with Billy Graham, meeting Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and many other stories you won’t want to miss. Leighton brings us back to the “new thing.” What is the new thing God wants to do with us?


Mother Teresa

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