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Sunday Extra – October 22nd, 2023

Happy 92nd, Leighton!

It was the largest gathering of itinerant evangelists ever assembled at its time. Amsterdam ’86 saw 8000 biblical evangelists from across the globe gather in Holland. Their purpose was to exchange ideas, learn, and encourage each other to fulfill the work of evangelism. United Nations officials said it was the most widely representative international meeting in history. Leighton Ford preached to the masses gathered in Amsterdam, and this morning we have the opportunity to watch that historic message. You will hear him mention his son, a young Kevin Ford, who served as a steward at the gathering.


Speaking from 1 Kings, Leighton reminds us how the best of the Lord’s servants battle discouragement and exhaustion. From the life of Elijah, Leighton reminded the crowd how God graciously and patiently restored his prophet, who had grown weary.

Celebrating the Artist of the Soul

Today, I thank the Lord for my father and LFM’s founder, Leighton Ford, as he celebrates his 92nd  birthday. An “artist of the soul,” Dad has spent a long lifetime seeking the heart of God, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and investing deeply in relationships for the sake of the Kingdom. Take a moment today to give the Lord gratitude for my parents, Leighton and Jeanie. Let’s pray that God will continue to keep them healthy in mind and “body as you are strong in spirit” (3 John 2 NLT).

Also, pray for our staff members Rich Hurst and Rhett Wilson who will be attending a conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, in conjunction with an arm of our ministry that helps churches thrive.

– Kevin Ford

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