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Sunday Extra | Jim Kallam

Sunday Extra: Looking for Hope in Hard Times

Jim Kallam is co-founder of Tandem Spirituality

“As a Christ-follower, there are disappointments in life.  There are times when our souls feel crushed.”

Amen?  That’s certainly not a phrase written by the church marketing team … but if we are honest, we know it’s true.

The quote is from my dear friend Jim Kallam, a true shepherd who pastored a thriving congregation in Charlotte for more than 40 years.  Jimmy and Suzi have journeyed through hard times and great times, both personally and in ministry, while clinging to God’s promise of steadfast love.

This week’s sermon on Micah 7 isn’t “theory.”  Jimmy has lived this message on “Looking for Hope in Hard Times.”

Jim Kallam served at Church at Charlotte for 42 years. Following his retirement in late 2018, Jimmy and Suzi founded Tandem Spirituality to serve and support pastors and pastors’ wives. They are currently in the planning stages of launching a new LFM mentoring community to serve church planters in the Carolinas.

God forgives. God redeems. God is faithful. His steadfast love endures forever. Even during hard times. Amen!

Leighton Ford
Founding President
Leighton Ford Ministries


Praise the Lord!  We have a problem!

A few months ago, we shared that Lilly Endowment Inc. awarded LFM a significant grant to form “visioning cohorts” for smaller congregations.

Each cohort is designed to help 3-4 smaller churches navigate social change, identify and strengthen their strategies and values, and thrive in this new era based on their theological foundations and unique gifts.

Just 4 months into this new program, we already have TWICE as much interest as room in the budget.  God has presented us with a vital opportunity to serve the American church at such a time as this.

Would you please pray with us as we explore additional funding?  Our goal is to journey with smaller congregations through a process of transformation that results in a vision – one that leads to a new season of thriving ministry!

Kevin Ford
Chief Catalyst
Leighton Ford Ministries

P.S. If you’d like to invest in thriving congregations through this project, please click here to contribute or e-mail Sunny Allen ( to set up a time to chat with a member of the LFM leadership team.

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