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Sunday Extra | Scott Palmbush

Sunday Extra, June 19th, 2022

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers among us.  We welcome Scott Palmbush for our Sunday Extra sermon this week.  Scott participated in our mentor training at Chetola in September of 2021. In addition, he serves as the interim Head of Staff at Menlo Church in California.  Scott grew up in Cut Bank, Montana, and might be our first Montana native to preach on Sunday Extra.  Scott offered this sermon on aspects of our witness last week (June 12), and we thought it appropriate to have him preach this Sunday as this was the year Scott’s father died.


Shepherds and Fathers

Scott shared with us, “My mind is on the need of so many churches for great pastors – and how many pastors I see stepping away from full-time ministry.” He asks us to pray the Lord will provide strength for his shepherds and leaders of his church.

Today, let’s pray for Scott and his family as they grieve the loss of his dad. We are thankful for the role model Leighton has given us as a father, so join us in thanking God for his witness and praying for him and Jean. Let’s ask the Lord to equip and enable fathers to love and serve their families with integrity, honor, and sacrifice. And pray for those you know who don’t have earthly fathers to turn to. God’s great promise is He is “a father to the fatherless,” and He can meet our needs – and theirs (Psalm 68:5).

Please also pray for the Resilience Mentoring Group as they meet at Point Lonsdale, Victoria, in Australia this week. Ask the Lord to encourage, renew, and speak to them during this retreat.

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