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Sunday Extra | Mike Kelsey

Sunday Extra- February 27, 2022

The Thing You Need More Than Anything

Life’s number one pursuit is our intimacy with God! Mike Kelsey, a teaching pastor at McLean Bible Church in McLean, Virginia, speaks from Luke 10:38-42 about “The Thing We Need More Than Anything.”

Mike explains that when we prioritize our time with the Lord, we get more clarity in life, correction to get back on course, comfort in tough times, courage to face the future, and in the end, joy for life. Mike has a long relationship with our staff and is in one of our new mentoring groups. Please join us this morning.

Join us as we prepare for Easter as Lent Begins March 2

The meaning and purpose of Lent are to reflect on our sinful nature and praise God for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to serve, live, and die for our sins.

We had two zoom meetings with several of our mentors from around the world. Wendy Der, from Mexico City; Karen Swanson, Chicago; Sarah Breuel, Rome; Raphael Anzenberger, Nice; Meredith Johnson, Kansas City; Elke and Roland Werner, Egypt; Paul and Nydia Johnson, Mexico City; Mercy and Ravi David, New Zealand; L.Wesley de Souza, Atlanta; Ken Van Vliet, California; Steven Abbott, Australia; Christine Lee, Toronto; Wei-Han Kuan, Australia; Wesley Paul, Kentucky; Sally Craft, Seattle; Bo Karen, Princeton; This week we listened to the stories of how both the mentors and the ministry leaders in their groups are serving and impacting so many ministry leaders around the world.

So, in this Lent season, join us in prayer and in listening to God about where we need to confess and reflect on the gift Jesus has given us.

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