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Sunday Extra | Cedric Portis

Sunday Extra – February 12th, 2023

The Miracle of Friendship

Rev. Cedric Portis of Third Church in St. Louis preaches today on “The Miracle of Friendship.” He focuses on the men who brought the paralytic to Jesus, lowering their friend down through the roof to reach the Healer. Cedric participates in a mentoring group with LFM’s Rich Hurst. Leighton Ford has modeled for so many Christian leaders the nature of being a friend on life’s journey. This spirit of providing safe people, safe times, and safe places unites the LFM family as we together walk with Jesus.

Remembering Heroes

This month we join with much of the American Church world to pause and honor Black History Month. We’ve all seen key figures – during difficult times – model their faith courageously, inspiring us to love God and people more deeply. We remember their love and sacrifice to make this world a kinder, better place. Also, this week we were stopped in our tracks by the earthquakes in Turkey. Pastor Andrew Kasberg, a member of one of our mentoring groups, just flew into Turkey last Monday with his wife and other members of the church he serves to visit their missionaries. Please pray for the people of Turkey and Syria and for the Lord’s blessing and safety on Andrew and his group. This week Kevin Ford will be giving guidance to the leadership team of 4Kids of South Florida. And he will be preaching at Carmel Presbyterian in Charlotte next Sunday, February 19. We appreciate your praying for the enablement of the Holy Spirit as Kevin engages these groups.

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