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Sunday Extra | Dave McKechnie

Sunday Extra – April 3rd, 2022

A Passion For The Possible

Dave McKechnie serves as President of LFM after working for twenty-five years as Senior Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas. In addition, he has served as the interim pastor at some of America’s most influential churches. Today he and his wife Linda live in Charlotte. We are thankful for his leadership with LFM and his friendship through the years. Join us today as he preaches from Isaiah 40:27-31 about believing the Lord and having a passion for the possible.

Prayers For Ukraine

Our hearts continue to go out to the people of Ukraine.

Carol Jean Prevatte, our Director of Operations, and Nick Hurst, our Director of Social Media, are working with United World Mission (UWM) to help us be aware of ways we can assist Ukraine and its citizens. Their President, John Bernard, serves on LFM”s Strategic Advisory Board and is in a mentoring group with Leighton. Several of our key mentors, Jonathan Mikes, Wendy Ramos, and Paul Johnson, also work with UWM, and they have staff in Ukraine. We thank God for their leadership with us and their ministry across the world. Please pray for them.

Today, let’s also focus our prayers on the over ten million refugees leaving the country.

1) Ask the Lord to provide for their basic needs, like food, water, and shelter (Matthew 6:11).

2) Pray for the Lord to give wisdom, endurance, and supernatural strength to the many people and organizations trying to provide relief for the refugees in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and other countries (Ephesians 1:16-21).

3) Ask God to strengthen His church and move among many people to make the gospel known and hearts and minds open to Him (Philippians 1:12).

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