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Sunday Extra | Steven Koski

Sunday Extra – October 2nd, 2022

Does Prayer Really Work?

This morning, Steven Koski shares our Sunday Extra message. As you listen, pay attention to the creativity: he uses an introduction, a song, and then the sermon. Steven pastors a church in Bend, Oregon, that LFM has partnered with for fifteen years. Kevin Ford and Rich Hurst were with them last weekend. They wanted help moving out of the pandemic’s shadow of the previous two years to affirm their mission and strategic initiatives going forward. The church invited members to submit questions for a sermon series. This week’s question is, “Does prayer really matter?”

Steven reminds us that Anne Lamont said we only need three prayers: “wow,” then “thanks,” and finally, “help.” And Steven adds, “where.” He takes us through a powerful journey about prayer. Abraham Heschel said, “The spiritual life is to live in radical amazement.” Join us for a few minutes to consider how you can open your heart to experience God working through you.

Penetrating The Community

LFM celebrates a special week as Rhett Wilson, our Senior Writer, turned 50; Nick Hurst, our Director of Social Media, turned 25; and Kevin Ford, our Chief Catalyst, is now 57! It’s a big birthday week at LFM. Join us in thanking God for them and the gifts they give all of us. Also, let’s pray for LFM’s work with Steven Koski and the church he pastors in central Oregon.

They want to serve their community with the love of Christ; but as most churches in the world have experienced, this has been a trying season. They have a huge heart for helping their city and creating a place for people to experience God’s spacious love. Pray for clarity on how to fulfill their mission and use the abundant resources God has given them.

See Rhett Wilson, Senior Writer of LFM (left), Nick Hurst, Social Media Director of LFM (center), and Kevin Ford, Chief Catalyst of LFM (right)

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