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Sunday Extra | Mark Toone

Sunday Extra- January 23, 2022

Exiles: Believers in an Unbelieving World

Exiles: Believers in an Unbelieving World

After spending the past two Sundays with new friends of LFM through our Lilly Grant cohorts, this week, we are joining an old friend of LFM, Mark Toone, of Chapel Hill Church in Gig Harbor, WA.

Kevin Ford has worked with that church in the past through several processes. You have already seen sermons by both Megan Hackman and Ellis White – both out of that church family. For the sermon today, Mark has begun a series of sermons on I Peter, entitled “Exiles.” This series is designed to help us hear again our status in this world as exiles. Year by year, that title is making more and more sense as we see ourselves within the structures of this world. Mark will help us own several pieces of our identity in this key sermon.

Please Pray for our Mentors

We have mentors worldwide helping create the space for Safe Times, Safe Places, and Safe People. One of those mentors is Karen Swanson. Karen has been the Director of the Institute for Prison Ministries (IPM), Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College since 2005.

Karen Swanson

As Director, she oversees the Charles W. Colson scholarship program and pursues the Institute for Prison Ministries’ goals through networks, collaboration, and strategic partners. In addition, Karen leads two mentoring groups with LFM. Most mentoring groups have given themselves names, so Karen’s are “True Value” and “Justice League.” These folks are all involved in “Correctional Ministry.” Reaching a population that most of us never see. Join us in praying for her and the groups she leads.



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