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Sunday Extra | Kurt Bjorkland

Sunday Extra – August 28th, 2022

Reflections and Providence

This week we have a deeply-moving sermon from Kurt Bjorkland, from the Orchard Hill Church in the Pittsburgh, PA, area. This is Kurt’s first time back preaching after a serious fall from the roof of his house. In his message, “Reflections,” he helps listeners think through God’s providential plan in each of our lives, even when we face suffering and trials.

Kurt participated in the early Arrow Program, which Leighton pioneered nearly forty years ago – designed to develop young leaders. This experience knit Kurt to Leighton through the years, including special seasons of mentoring. Leighton Ford Ministries continues to invest in generations of leaders.

Please Join Us In Praying For the Following

Kurt, who is in the recovery phase after his fall, as you will hear in the sermon. He’s looking forward to walking and being back to many things he misses.  He also asks for wisdom to know how to pace himself until he regains his full strength. Also, please join us in praying for our team at Leighton Ford Ministries as we gather in Charlotte, North Carolina, to plan and listen for God’s direction.  May the Lord “bless [us] indeed, and enlarge [our] territory, that Your hand would be with [us], and that You would keep [us] from evil” (1 Chronicles 4:10 NKJV).

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