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What Do The Chief And His Wife Do In Church? (Leighton)

June 18, 2016

What do the chief and his wife do in church?

I visited recently with an old friend, Dois Rosser, a very successful businessman who in his retirement (now in his early 90s) has helped with his friends to provide buildings and nurture (through a mini-Bible college) for some 4,800 new churches – in VietNam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Central America, Africa.

One of these churches is among the pygmies in Central Africa.

Dois drove eight hours through the jungle to visit this church and the believers there.

“The chief had two requests,” he told me, “one that the church building would be placed where he could see it from his own house. The other that we would train his son to be a pastor.”

Dois also learned that the chief and his wife go to the church early every morning, and sit for two hours in silence.

What did they do? They were not literate, so they weren’t reading the Bible.

Someone asked the chief what he and his wife did in those two hours every day.

“Oh,” he said. “We just sit and let God look at our hearts.”

What could be more important – for a pygmy couple in the jungle of Africa…

Or for you and me in our busy and crowded places…

Than to just sit and let God look at our hearts?

Leighton Ford (2013)

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