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Reflections from the funeral of President George Herbert Walker Bush

December 11, 2018

Goodbyes and Greetings Beyond

What a year this has been saying goodbye to great leaders! At the start of the year to our beloved Billy, my brother-in-law and world preacher of the gospel. Now at the end of the year the death of our former president, George Herbert Walker Bush, recognized throughout the world as a kinder, gentler leader.

The two of them were great friends. I am not sure how conversations work in heaven! But I wish we could have seen them when they met and listened in on their first conversations in the presence of the Lord! And with Ruth and Barbara there too!

Words of Wisdom

The remarks of Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming were personal, funny, and worth remembering – especially these two

“When you walk the high road of humility in Washington D.D. you will not be bothered with heavy traffic”!

That drew a huge and understanding laugh. This other perhaps caused some heart searching.

“Hatred corrodes the very vessel it is carried in.”

A call from Canada

My half-brother Bob, a doctor in Canada, called me the next day.

“I had to call,” he said. “Anne and I watched the whole thing and were deeply moved. She sang the hymns as we watched. She grew up Presbyterian and knew them all.”

Twice as we spoke he choked up, especially honored that one of the speakers was Brian Mulroney, former prime minister of Canada.

“I hope this reminds us of the great bond between our two countries,’ he said, referring to the sad breach between our countries in recent times.

And I could only say, “Amen.”

Music that heals and lifts the soul

The magnificent sound of great hymns – Abide With Me  and Praise to the Almighty, the King of Creation – brought tears unbidden.

I have found, more than once, that what my mind may question, and my imagination may find beyond my ken, when I hear such hymns, hymns that I have known since boyhood, my soul is moved, and my heart’s desire for eternity cannot be held back.

No wonder that when I would sing some of the crusade songs to Billy, when his hearing was almost gone, he would say so quietly I could hardly hear the words, “Sing more.”

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