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Parable of the Ginger Plant 

August 24, 2018

When some friends moved they gave is this lovely plant, which now stands on the patio in our back yard.

Each winter we cut back the growth, and leave the root system in the pot inside. Then in the spring it springs again!

This year we thought we had lost it. Our son in law Craig and daughter Debbie came to work on some plants. Craig at Deb’s instruction dug up quite a few pots with a spade.  But he also spaded and chopped up the roots of the ginger plant – before asking Deb. He was chagrined. We were devastated. No more ginger for us.

But then, in a few weeks, out of the devastation and ruin a few shoots came up and before long the whole plant was there in its glory – even better than ever.

Reminds me of Jesus’ words that the Master Gardener cuts back every branch of the vine so that more and better fruit can appear! (John 15).

I need to look at that ginger plant often, in those less than pleasant times, to remember that God has surprises that come out of some of the most disappointing times!


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