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A Whole Life

August 22, 2018

This morning I picked up an old copy A Testament of Devotion by the Quaker philosopher and spiritual guide Thomas Kelly .

On the flyleaf I noted that my mother gave it to me on my birthday, October 22nd 1958! 60 years ago … as I was early in our ministry.

In his opening biographical introduction Douglas Steere wrote of Kelly:

“An adequate life might be described as a life which has grasped intuitively the whole nature of things, and has seen and felt and refocused itself to this whole. An inadequate life is one that lacks this adjustment to the whole nature of things – hence its twisted perspective. its partiality its confusion. The story of Thomas Kelly’s life is the story of a passionate and determined quest for adequacy.”

What a challenge to me again, to live the whole of  life – mind, soul, body, spirit – wholly available to the Spirit of Christ.

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