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Lifelong Leadership

October 14, 2021


A key element of our ministry has been annual gatherings of potential mentoring leaders, where we have shared, explained, and experienced times of “deep listening” to teach each other in the presence of the Lord. Out of these gatherings, mentoring groups have emerged around the world.

We have always wanted to share this experience with many others.

Today, I am pleased to announce the release of “Lifelong Leadership” by Dr. MaryKate Morse. Along with input from Anne Grizzle, myself, and others on the LFM team, MaryKate has given us a tool that will be of inspiration and value to those who want to develop and encourage the next generation of Kingdom Leaders.

“Lifelong Leadership” is the story and description of our unique model of Whole Life Mentoring, and a comprehensive guide for those who want to launch their own Mentoring Community.

NavPress is offering this new release at a 20% discount, and through May 31st, you can receive an additional 20% off by using discount code “MENTOR20” at

-Leighton Ford

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