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Encouragement From Dr. Francis Collins

April 30, 2020

We are truly in the middle of a global conflict to defeat the #COVID-19 pandemic.

I was encouraged today to hear that Dr. Francis Collins, who leads the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is taking the lead in helping to improve coordination and cooperation (instead of competition) between the thousands of scientists at work in hundreds of trials around the world.

Dr. Collins was the lead scientist in finishing the human genome project. He is highly respected as a scientist and a believer. His book, “The Language of God,” tells the story of his moving from unbelief to faith.

So let’s keep Dr. Collins and his colleagues, and all those in battle, in our prayers for wisdom and skill.

A century ago, the Scottish doctor Sir James Simpson discovered the anesthetic power of chloroform. How much pain has been alleviated because of that discovery!

When he realized what he had found he put his gratitude into these words:

“This day, relenting,
God hath placed within my hand
A wondrous thing.
And God be praised.”

May God give us more wondrous things through the many scientists and doctors, like Francis Collins, who will be winning this war through as persons of faith and work!

-Leighton Ford, April 2020

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