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The Well-Defined Leader

August 13, 2023

Who is this leader who is able to lead effectively? It is what we call the well-defined leader. We know from Jim Collins’ work that she is a person with two qualities: humility + focus, a combination of character + action. But can we dig deeper than this? Can we peer inside of these Level 5 leaders to see what actually makes them tick?

This leader is internally aligned (what s/he says is what s/he does). She is subsequently is a non-anxious presence within the organization. As a result, she is able to lead effectively.

Did you notice the word alignment in there? It’s there because alignment is critical to leadership success, and I’ll tell you why. Those who lead who are internally aligned with their own values (actions match words), and thus are able to align the organization around its values, mission and vision, are the truly effective leaders. And yet, so few leaders across the organizational world seem to possess this essential quality.

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