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An Emerging Generation of Evangelists

April 21, 2019


Is God raising up a new generation of evangelists across the world, and rediscovering the biblical gift of the evangelist for the Church? It sure seems so from my recent travels. In the past 8 months of being on 3 continents plus the USA, I have met numerous men and women in their 20’s and 30’s who identify themselves as evangelists in various forms.

In January I participated in the Global Evangelists Forum (GEF) in France hosted by Raphael Anzenberger, a French evangelist and author of (re)Discovering the Ministry of the Evangelist. 320 evangelists attended, about 80% under age 35, heard Ravi Zacharias speak three times, developed rich relationships, and were further equipped in their callings.

Since the first GEF held 10 years ago, God has used this annual conference to remind the local church about the biblical gift of the evangelist, identify and train gifted evangelists, and launch mentoring communities for evangelists across French-speaking Europe. As a result, significant mentoring relationships with more experienced evangelists have been built. This has spread in similar forms to French-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and Quebec. Local churches are identifying evangelists – and even hiring them on staff! – to train and lead in evangelism within churches in Europe!

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