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You Called

June 12, 2014

You called,
Your calling was powerful,
and everything came together.

You called and a universe was born.
You called a man and a woman and a race was born.
You called an old man and old woman and a nation was born.
You called heathen king Cyrus and a people was re-born.
You called a virgin and a Savior was born.
You called some ordinary fishermen and an order was born.
You called a friend from death and a second life was born.
You called life from the tomb, and resurrection was born
You called an enemy and an apostle was born.
You called people from many races and a church was born.
You called me, and I was born a second time.

Where would we be without the voice of Your calling?
God knows … oh, of course, You know this old world could do with a new birth.
So please call again

Leighton Ford

June 28, 2012

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