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What Difference Does The Creator Make (Leighton Ford)

January 9, 2017

With the ongoing (and often acerbic) debate about creation and evolution, I find the following thoughts by David Rensberger challenging:

“So many Christians get wildly impassioned about belief in the Creator – as opposed to a randomly evolving world – and yet I wonder sometimes if this passion extends much farther than insisting on the belief itself. Shoudn’t there be some consequences to that belief? So there is a creator – so what?”

Here are some other questions Rensberger poses (in Weavings, March/April 2008) that make me stop and ponder:

  • How deep does my belief in the reality of the Creator actually go?
  • Does my every action, my every word, proceed from the assumption that I am not my own maker, that I owe my existence to a Being infinitely greater than myself?
  • Do I take it for granted that I am made, loved, observed, and known with my every breath and movement by the One who made me?
  • What is the thought that lies behind my thoughts? Is it “God is real”? Or is it “What would I like to happen now?”
  • Does the reality that I am created and known to my Creator impinge on me at every moment, or am I generally lost in my own ideas and desires?

These questions are not often considered in the public debate.

They are worth pondering deeply and often in the debate with my own heart and mind.

Leighton Ford

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