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Two Sundays – and Two Theological Nuggets!

June 13, 2014

A couple of weeks ago a visiting preacher at our church told about a congregation in New York that had been turned around in a kind of revival.

One of the lay leaders attributed it to a new pastor who (a change of menu for them) actually preached the Bible.

And, he said, “This preacher says you can sum up the whole Bible in six words.”

That was an interesting thought.

How would you do that?

(For his answer: see below!)

This Sunday I went to hear Bob Cooley, former president of Gordon Conwell Seminary teach his Sunday session at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

He was just finishing several sessions on Colossians.

When I walked in I saw on the chalkboard at the front his theme:


followed by his outline.

Below it someone had written in


Yes, I thought. Exactly – and for the next week and the next and on! Do not erase, as if we could!

Answer to the question above: the Bible summed in six words

I am God and you’re not

Hard to do better than that!

Leighton Ford

March 7, 2010

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