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Tuesday, November 27 – Sandy’s Day

November 27, 2018

Early this morning I started to write – “fateful” – day, the day our son died 37 years ago during heart surgery.

Sandy would have been 58 now, and still, I am sure ,handsome, caring, fully striving, making a difference as ever.

And he is that even now in me and his family. And others, like the woman at Great Harvest last week, who I had never met, but who said, as she handed a loaf of bread to me, “I remember Sandy. I never met him. But I knew about him and how God used his life.”

So this is a “faithful” day. He, I’m sure, would have been faithful as he was during his 21 years, faithful as son, friend, follower, leader in Your way.

So I trust You as his Lord and ours to be faithful as You have been, and will be.

Today Jeanie and I thank You for Debbie and Kevin, and their spouses, and for the many sons and daughters in the faith who have been given to Jeanie and to me, like Steve Johnson and Scott Sunquist, who received our first Sandy Ford Scholarships – the first fruit of many who are still running their races for the Lord.

So not a fateful day. Painful still, yes. But also full and fruitful and faithful.

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