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The Bridge (A Poem By Mark Slaughter)

January 25, 2018

Reflections from Leighton’s painting Ashness Bridge:

The Bridge…
A place of transition from one side to the other
Connecting the past to the future
Its solid stones arched, providing safe passage to the other side

For centuries, it has stood…
How many have crossed that bridge?
What were their stories?
Where had they been?
Where were they going?

Behind it – so many steps on the journey
Underneath it – a stream of sparking blue water rustling over rocks
Ahead of it – more steps on an unknown path,
A lake of still water to quiet my soul
And new faith adventures
and hills to climb for God’s Kingdom with the same Presence of God accompanying me as in the past.

The Bridge…
Thank you, God, for your faithfulness in years past.
Thank you, God, that I can trust Your faithfulness in the journey ahead!
It’s time to cross the bridge into another season –

Proclaiming the hope of Jesus Christ more broadly to this generation
And even more intentionally taking others with me…
Younger leaders, emerging evangelists
Mentoring, listening, preaching and serving together, growing together

A Bridge…
You have made me a bridge, an ambassador for Christ
Connecting broken people and a broken world with Jesus Christ
Bridging between generations, between ministries
for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is….

THE Bridge
The One bridging heaven and earth
God’s judgment and His love
God’s holiness and His mercy
God’s redemption and a sin-filled world

Walk with me, O God, across The Bridge!

Mark Slaughter

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