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Thank You, Dr. Collins

December 22, 2021

Thank you, Dr. Collins
I read with interest that Dr. Francis Collins will be leaving his post as director of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) at the end of this year.
Collins is internationally recognized for his crucial role in completing the human genome project, which has opened the door to understanding human genes and treating so many illnesses.
Dr. Collins spoke via zoom to our annual Christmas leadership breakfast last December. It was inspiring to hear this world-renowned scientist speak so forthrightly about his faith. As a young and unbelieving doctor, he was moved by an older patient who said she could not have survived her illness without her faith. She asked: “Doctor, what do you believe?” He had no answer. But her simple question led him to a quest and discovery of God as the Creator.
In his book The Language of God, he shows how he thinks God’s thoughts after Him as a scientist. I highly recommend it as a Christmas gift, especially for friends or students who think faith and science conflict.   The website , founded by Dr. Collins and other believing scientists, is valuable.
So, thank you, Dr. Collins! Thanks for your contribution to understanding our human makeup! And thank you for witnessing to your own wise and winsome faith.

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