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Take Two Minutes, and Call Me

June 13, 2014

Something really good from my long time friend Lon Allison!

Take less than two minutes and read it . .and then you might follow his lead!

Take Two Minutes, and Call Me in the Morning-

I am seeking to erase the division between the sacred and the secular in my life.

By that I mean the daily danger of spending a bit of time with God in the morning, and then working the remainder of the day without him. The real kicker is that while working without him, I claim to be working for him! (I know that was a run-on sentence, but it corresponds to my run-on life!)

So, I’m taking two minutes more often to shut down the engines of incessant busyness. I’ve read that St. Benedict had his monks stop what they were doing 8 times a day to enter into brief prayer. I’m starting with maybe two times a day for two minutes. It’s almost a habit now, since I’ve done it for 3 days!!!!!

To be honest, it seems to help. I just finished a two-minute prayer retreat. At 6pm on Friday night, I had 3 projects yet to finish. My back was aching, my pulse racing. I was pushing through to try and finish. You know the feeling. So, I stopped. I shut off the fluorescent lights and turned on my softer lit lamps. I plugged in a little serenity fountain to pretend I was near a brook. Then I just sat back with God, released some cares and just sitting there. Oh my, it was nice.

I’d like you all to hold me to this practice. Who knows- maybe two by two will become three by three, and I can claim another life accomplishment. “Oh help him Lord”.

Lon Allison

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