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Singing On The Mountain (Leighton)

June 28, 2016

Several years ago, I spoke at Singing on the Mountain, a day long fest of country/mountain/gospel singing which has been going since 1924.
I spoke there 45 years and 25 years ago … and they gave me one more chance!
The day was clear and brilliant and hot as several thousand folks sat picnicking and listening on blankets and chairs in a meadow at the base of Grandfather Mountain.
I spoke about A Song For All Seasons … and how the Bible is crammed full of songs – hundreds I suppose!
It’s a history book. A story book. A law book. A wisdom book. A gospel book. And a song book !
As I said to the folks there, we can read it, hear it, study it, memorize it … but if it hasn’t created a song in our hearts has it really got hold of us yet?
When she was about four, our granddaughter Anabel was singing in the back seat, “I Love to Tell the Story.”
“Daddy, sing,” she said to Kevin, who was driving.
He kept driving.
“Daddy, sing” she said again.
He kept driving.
Finally she burst out, indignantly, “Kevin Ford, sing!”
I told the folks on the mountain: I hope you leave not just with the sound of music in your ears, but with the song of God’s grace in your heart – and on your lips.
So .. . today .. SING!
It will do your heart good!

Leighton Ford 

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