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Remembering Billy

November 10, 2018

This week Billy would have turned 100 – and his life is being well remembered.

Here are some choice thoughts sent to us by our friend Rich Stearns, president of World Vision. as they looked back on the service celebrating his life:

We watched the service earlier this week and thought Jeanie did a wonderful job.  She seemed calm and in control of her message. Her humor helped to break the ice and relax the crowd.  It had to be amazing for both of you to have been eyewitnesses to the phenomenon that Billy became.  You had ringside seats.

Think it can only be explained by God’s supernatural anointing.  Lately I have been reflecting on just who God selected in scripture for the most important jobs.  And he never looked at resumes.  He almost always chose the unlikely, the humble and the willing so that His glory cold be revealed.  Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, Peter – none were especially remarkable but all were willing and obedient.  I like to say ‘they were involved in what God was doing but it did not depend on them’.

I feel like that a WV – we are involved with what God is doing but it does not depend on us.  As Mother Teresa famously said: “God did not call me to be successful, he called me to be obedient.”

Billy was obedient.

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