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One Year Ago Today

February 21, 2019
At 7:45 am, a year ago today, my phone rang.  It was a reporter asking, “Is it true?” He was asking whether Billy had died.  I told him I would check, called Billy’s oldest daughter Gigi, and she confirmed it was so, that he had gone home to the Lord a little earlier that morning.
On the day we celebrated his life and laid him to rest at the Billy Graham Library I took the photo below.
I was standing at the end of the casket, and realized that a cross was shining across the casket, reflected from the cross-shaped window over the entrance to the library.
It was so fitting –  since BIlly had preached about the cross of Jesus all his ministry, in every part of the world. And had quoted many times Paul’s words, “God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Today Jeanie and I remember our dear Billy and what he meant to us and so many across the years.
And also we are reminded to Lift High the Cross!
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