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Moon Shine Still

July 11, 2020

The sun to rule by day and the moon by night – Genesis 1:16

I walked one more time, later afternoon
from the busy boulevard across the fields
where boys play rugby on the grassy top
over the parking decks for the Domain
past the smaller park by St. Mary’s Cathedral
where the trees are dying now, poisoned
by the ground.
Paradise lost, by a parking lot.

I saw poised above Sydney harbor
a waxing early evening moon, coming on
as slowly as a fluorescent lamp
its face nearly full
with makeup in pale blue
waiting patiently in the wings of evening
for its turn.

Below, the blaze of brother sun
almost finished with his daily run
his rays setting fire to the buildings up on
King’s Cross
made their very drabness glow
with a kind of glory
like Latter Day Saints.

I sat then for a long time on a remote
bench above the darkening bay,
next to a wide and winding old gum tree
watching the ferries and their day
as they made their dim and final crossings
to and from Manley
recollecting the crossings of my life
my own racing’s and wanings
t just the time when evening blue bids
good night
to youthful days.

Walking back I went slowly now,
careful with my footsteps in the dusk
trying not to stumble on a root
past the old sick trees
marked for mercy killing.

When I scanned the sky again
the moon was almost fully waxed
shining out more clearly
with a brighter, bluer face
against the dark
in the lateness of the day.

May my moonshine,
(I breathed),
may my moonshine
shine more brightly still
and make me thankful
for these later days.

-Leighton Ford

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