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Monday Morning Mental Madness

June 12, 2014

Why is it I wake up Monday mornings with a mind racing, distracted, overflowing with things I have to do?

Perhaps after a weekend break (if it is that) my brain remembers what I left half-done from last week, or everything I think I must do this week (all of which, of course, I must do this morning!)

I need to take a lesson from Wrangler. When he first came to live with us he was four and a half, but still learning. I taught him (or he taught me) some commands.

“Stay” was one. He learned it pretty well – at least when we’re playing. I hold my hand palm out and say the word. He stays (usually) as I back up until I lean forward and say

“Come” and he sprints to me.

To be truthful, the word doesn’t help much if the mailman comes by, or the cat’s dish full of food is near.

But as I sat thinking madly this Monday morning I heard from a Very Important Voice:




Follow Me.

Leighton Ford

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