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Maybe You Are God’s Foolishness! (Leighton Ford)

July 25, 2016
I was with a group of young pastors, talking about our calls to ministry, our longings, doubts, desires, fears.
One of them, a fine handsome young man from the islands, spoke up with a kind of grimace on his face.
“Why would God choose me?” he wondered, “I am so changeable. So up. So down. So weak and sinful and inadquate. I me?”
I ventured a few thoughts, nothing very helpful.
Then suddenly i said (without any thought really) “Well, you are God’s foolishness.”
He looked stunned. Then he laughed. And I laughed. And we all laughed.
Because we are all the foolishness of God. That he uses people like you and me. And that his foolishness, as Paul wrote, is also his wisdom. The wisdom of the cross. The wisdom of God using our weaknesses and foolishnesses to work out his plan.
Whew. I knew more than I said, truly.
Leighton Ford
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