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Kevin Ford, Sing

June 12, 2014

Several years ago we were in Florida with our son Kevin’s family, and went out to eat one night.

Our oldest granddaughter, Anabel, started to sing as we rode along. She loves the old hymns her other preacher grandfather and his wife have taught her, so she was singing “I Love to Tell the Story.”

When she had finished one verse she asked her daddy to sing along..

“Daddy sing.”

Concentrating on his driving he didn’t.

“Daddy … sing!” she commanded again.

Still he didn’t join in.

So with an impatient tone she ordered, “Kevin Ford, SING!”

I thought of that a few days ago during my morning Bible reading when I came to the chapter in Exodus where Moses and his people sing after they have escaped from Egypt. (Exodus 15)

“I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously” they sang, and then the prophet Miriam, Aaron’s sister (the first prophet mentioned in the Bible as I recall – and a woman by the way!) joined in the same song.

“Sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously, horse and rider he has thrown into the sea.”

As I reflected I realized I have not been singing as much as I used to. Whether it’s been the heat of summer, or all the problems in the world, or just losing the habit – I have forgotten to sing.

So later that morning as I walked with my dog I sang, some of the old songs and choruses I loved years ago as a child or a young person – like “the birds upon the treetops sing their song.”

It was as if the Lord had said to me,

“Leighton Ford, SING!”

So singing I have gone this week. Songs in the morning. And at night listening to CDs of some of the great hymns.

I recommend to you: SING! And even if you think you don’t have the voice for it you and God are your only audience. So don’t be shy. Sing! It will do your heart good.

Leighton Ford

September 2011

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