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Homer James – Summoned

June 13, 2014

Homer lived near Ottawa, Canada. a friend of Leighton for 57 years, and a soloist in Leighton’s evangelistic meetings for thirty years.


for Homer James, farmer/singer/ friend John 12:24,25

You were.
Year by year
you went into the fields
strong in back and arms
to plough and plant
like any farmer never guaranteed
what sun and rain would bring
but trusting that in time
the harvest would be there
in corn and grain.

Night by night
you walked into the crowds
head and shoulders straight
a microphone in hand
to ask for some requests
never knowing what they might ask
but trusting that your songs
were also seeds of love
and hope and faith to spring up
in the soil of hearer’s hearts.

One last time,

you slipped into another world
your blood and body failing
you sold your seed and corn
not sure of future markets
held to your grandgirl’s hand
arranged for your own funeral
whispered that your wife was a
woman of the Word
trusting that your life offered
like your Lord’s would be seed
multiplied for many.

You are.


Leighton Ford

April 5 2010

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