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Happy Birthday, Wendell Berry (Leighton Ford)

August 7, 2016


Wendell Berry’s 82nd birthday was this past Friday….thanks for your life, your devotion to all God’s creatures. and for your writings and poetry ..especially Timbered Choir .. from which this is one of my favorites


To rest, go to the woods

To rest, go to the woods

Where what is made is made

Without your thought or work.

Sit down; begin the wait

For small trees to grow big,

Feeding on earth and light.

Their good result is song

The winds must bring, that trees

Must wait to sing, and sing

Longer than you can wait.

Soon you must go. The trees,

Your seniors, standing thus

Acknowledged in your eyes,

Stand as your praise and prayer.

Your rest is in this praise

Of what you cannot be

And what you cannot do.


Wendell Berry, A Timbered Choir 147
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