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Good News Is For Sharing (Part 1)

May 9, 2017

We’re delighted to announce that Leighton’s classic on personal evangelism Good News For Sharing will soon be available in revised form! The next two posts will feature the Preface, which will whet your appetite for the newly revised edition.

We were in the little Caribbean island of Grand Cayman for an evangelistic outreach. Just before an evening program, my wife discovered that her diamond engagement ring was missing. She bravely kept it to herself until the meeting was over, then told me she feared she had dropped it on the beach.

Friends helped us search the motel and sift through the sand where she had been sitting earlier. There was no ring.

We went back to our room, crushed not just by the monetary loss but because so many loving memories were tied to that ring.

Then, under some papers on the bed, I found it! Gloom turned to joy! We hugged each other, said a prayer of thanks, and although it was near midnight, I raced down the hall and knocked on our friends’ door to tell them the good news!

Good news is like that – it begs to be shared. We Christians have both the responsibility and the privilege of passing on the good news that, through faith in Jesus Christ, eternal abundant life is offered to all people.

But why are we so often reluctant sharers? Why even when we sometimes feel a strong sense of ‘oughtness’ about witnessing do we fail to do it?…..

The answers are in Part 2, later this week!

Leighton Ford

Excerpt from Good News Is For Sharing (Revised Edition, 2017, Leighton Ford Ministries)

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